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A-Level Results Day

11th August 2021

A-Level Results Day A level results day is potentially the biggest emotional rollercoaster you can put yourself through without risking your life or being a contestant on The Chase, fact. Students around the world today woke up nice and early and casually tried to ignore the fact that the information they were about to receive […]

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Launching The Changing the Perception of Sales Podcast Series!

14th July 2021

  Last year, we launched series one of the Changing the Perception of Sales Series, speaking to Sales Leaders and shared their experiences, skills and insights from their careers. Our aim was to add value into the sales community at the time it needed it the most, and we definitely smash that out of the […]

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2020 Freshers – Prime’s Top Tips

25th September 2020

First things first, what a rollercoaster year 2020 has been so far.   This blog post has been a few weeks in the making, but Boris’ most recent announcement seemed to flip the last draft on its head. We seemingly went from ‘how to enjoy a new look freshers week’ to probably something closer to […]

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Prime Runnings

25th March 2020

As of Monday 23rd March, the UK government has decided to take similar measures to their European counterparts and enter a nationwide lockdown. This means under no circumstances should people be out and about, having a swift one down the local or asking their God for forgiveness at their place of worship. The only exceptions […]

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Prime Press Release – #BESMA Sales Training Provider of the Year 2019

20th November 2019

‘Prime win Sales Training Provider of the Year award’   The British Excellence in Sales Management Awards are the highlight of the sales industry calendar, shining a light on outstanding sales professionals and teams across the UK. The awards took place on Friday 15th November at Wembley Stadium, with an array of outstanding individuals from […]

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Surviving Freshers Week

23rd September 2019

Freshers week, the pinnacle of University culture. For most people, it’s your first time away from home, an opportunity to have some freedom and find out who you really are. It’s probably also the first opportunity to drink your favourite spirit to its death and forever resent the smell or taste of it thereafter. Amongst […]

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My Year at Prime – and the lessons I’ve learnt on my placement year!

5th July 2019

My boss and Prime’s co-founder/MD Neil Clough once said to me, “a placement year isn’t about saving money” (which is good as I haven’t saved any) “it’s about learning”. At the time of writing this post this is my 11th and final month as Digital Marketing Executive at This is Prime. During my time here […]

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Musical Millennials: 4 Key Ways To Motivate Millennials In Your Sales Team

30th May 2019

Millennials, Baby Boomers, Generation Y, are all great names for a punk band, yet instead they’re the names used to describe the different generations in today’s workforce. What makes Millennials specifically so important? Well because there’s SO MANY OF THEM in today’s workforce – more than any other generation in fact. Back in 2017 Millennials […]

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Final Exams – 5 Steps To Be Perfectly Prepared For Your Exams

17th May 2019

Alas the Easter & Bank holidays are almost over and for many of you the last few weeks may have been spent sleeping, watching Netflix and going out getting drunk. However, now its time to get back to University mode where you’ll be forced to spend your weeks relaxing, watching Netflix and going out getting […]

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Hard Brexit, Soft Brext, Crunchy Brexit, Nutty Brexit: what does Brexit mean for students?

18th April 2019

Is the writer of this article the only one who thinks Brexit sounds like a type of cereal? Never have there been so many opinions on one subject since the day Nick Gandhi wore his ‘funky shirt’ to our Manchester office. Brexit is almost upon us (or at least should be) with the UK being […]

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