Prime’s Halloween Horror Film Recommendations

Halloween is upon us, kids are out trick or treating, students are out partying in fancy dress and recruiters… well recruiters are out recruiting. I guess some things never change.

Round the office, the topic of conversation has become centred on Halloween plans. Unfortunately for many though the scariest thing about this year’s Halloween isn’t the creepy decorations or the costumes, it’s that it falls on… a weekday. Yes, Halloween this year is on a Wednesday – slap bang in the middle of the working week and restricting many full timers to answering the door to trick or treaters all night rather than going for a night on the town. Now for some, this is simply a challenge and they will most definitely be out partying with the ghouls and goblins until 4 am, then be in work nice and not remotely refreshed by 9 am. But for the more sensible out there who are going to be trapped inside bored, opening the door to trick or treaters, there is no need to fear, Prime have you covered.

We’ve gone around the office and asked some of our world-class recruiters to name their scariest horror films… so scary that you’ll forget you have work on November 1st. We’re trying to stay clear of the obvious classics so no ‘The Shining’ or ‘Psycho’ will be found on this list.

Christina Brooke – Creep

As well as being a team leader at Prime, Christina is also a massive horror film fan and claims that this 2014 American Independent found footage film is ‘the only film that has really scared me’ (they should put that on the trailer.) Christina describes the plot as ‘a Media student in need of cash accepts a filming job on an ad hoc basis. What he doesn’t realise is that the job has been posted by a lonely and confused man who lives in a house in the middle of nowhere.’ Now if she can’t sell the film to you based on that description, nothing can.

Unlike other rubbish found-footage horror films (looking at you Paranormal Activity) Creep is surprisingly clever and has a fair few shocking twists to keep the audience entertained. Even more interesting is that the film has hardly any cast members, mostly just featuring the two main leads, one played by the director of the film Patrick Bryce and the other played by that guy from ‘The League’ (Mark Duplass).

This one is guaranteed to have you hiding under the covers, so watch with caution, and the best news is that if you’re not too creeped (pun intended) out after this, there’s a second film – which whilst we can’t vouch for, does have good reviews.

Jon Rossiter – The Woman in Black

Our Digital Marketer Jon claims horror films are ‘boring’ and ‘depressing’ however he does say he’s a fan of this 2012 gothic horror film because “Harry Potter is in it.”

In all seriousness though, Harry Potter is not in this film nor are any of his magical friends, however, The Woman in Black is a solid ghost story nevertheless. Set in the Edwardian era in London 1906, Daniel Radcliffe (not Harry Potter) plays Arthur Kipps, a lawyer who is sent to a creepy village to put a deceased client’s affairs in order. Whilst there he stays in his late client’s house Harry *cough* Arthur notices the house is haunted by none other than The Woman in Black. Alongside some villagers who harbour a deep secret alongside a bizarre string of child-related deaths, there’s a lot of content to keep you hooked throughout and the mystery behind The Woman in Black is a genuinely intriguing one.

Although not the scariest horror film by any standards, that’s also part of the charm of this film meaning those who get scared easily can still power through the film for its plot. This is a top pick if you’re not a horror film fanatic but you’re in the mood for a flick that’ll keep you entertained whilst also making you jump a couple of times. It’s still not as scary as that spider scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets though.


Chris Thompson – Hide and Seek

Both the name of a popular kid’s game and a 2005 psychological horror starring Robert Di Niro, ‘Hide and Seek’ follows the story of David Callaway (De Niro) who following the suicide of his wife takes his daughter away from New York City to a house in the country for a fresh start. Someone should’ve told this bloke he was in a horror film.

One of Prime’s best Sales Resourcers Chris, claims that this film has ‘mad twists and that’ and this guy is a recruiter, so his job has ‘mad twists’ every single day meaning the twists in this must truly be worthwhile. It was also nominated for a teen choice award and won the Golden Trailer Award for a best horror film. From a creepy imaginary friend to a father who is having some questionable dreams, the film has it all. It even has 5 different endings meaning if you’re not satisfied with one conclusion to the story there are 4 other versions to check out. And if you don’t like any of them? Well, then you can blame Chris.


Cecile Green – The Ring

To this day I’m certain ‘The Ring’ is the horror film everyone watched when they were younger that then went on to put them off horror films forever. So if you claim ‘you’re not a horror film sort of person’ and haven’t watched ‘The Ring’ then you need to. If however, you are a horror fan then you probably have seen it, just like Prime’s Cecile, as this is her favourite horror film pick. Cecile’s known for doing the splits in the office and watching films like ‘The Greatest Showman’ which means if she can survive this film then so can you… and on top of that, its not bad plot wise either.

For those who don’t know, the Ring is a remake of a 1998 Japanese horror film ‘Ring’ (which is even scarier, if you’re brave enough to try that). The plot is centered around a journalist who must investigate a mysterious video tape which causes people who view it to die within a week of watching it. There’s a whole lot of other business about a girl in it as well, but you’ll need to watch the film to see what happens there.

And for those of you still too scared to watch it. there’s always Scary Movie 3.


Joe Leggat – The Grudge (Franchise)

Joe is another horror film hater however he is always up for introducing people to new things and now he’s introducing you all to multiple sleepless nights in the form of ‘The Grudge’ film franchise. Enough to put Joe and many others off horror films for life, these films are incredibly creepy with Joe describing the second one as ‘the scariest film he’s ever seen in his life.’

In the first film Buffy the Vampire Slayer *Daffney from the Scooby Doo movie* I mean Sarah Michelle Geller, plays an American nurse living and working in Tokyo where is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse. The other two plots centre around different characters dealing with the curse which also involves dealing with creepy ghost children and the main spirit, their mother ‘Kayako.’ All are disgustingly horrifying and pop up throughout the films to remind the audience that fear does truly exist. Even better, if you manage to get through all three films and want more, they’re remaking it in 2019 (we swear this article is not an advert for that film).

No matter how many horror films we all watch, they will never be as scary as your everyday job interview. Luckily for you though, if your job hunt is giving you nightmares Prime can help.

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Have a Happy Halloween from all of us here at Prime.