Sales Recruitment, What is it and how do you become successful?

    Sales recruitment, specifically the Sales Recruiters, assist businesses in searching for skilled individuals to join the sales department within their organisation. To accomplish this, recruiters tend to schedule several conversations with the company to understand precisely what they’re looking for…

    What Is A Graduate Job And What To Expect?

    What is a graduate job? Graduate jobs is a permanent role after university and are found in almost all industries and employment sectors. Companies tend to hire graduates because of their motivation to build a successful career and become financially…

    Five Attributes You Need To Get A Job In Sales

    “What are they looking for, who are they looking for, is there something specific they are searching for?” These are the types of questions every graduate thinks about before an interview. So what is it they’re trying to find out…

    How To Be Successful In Tech Sales

    Whether you’re just starting your career into sales or a seasoned pro, there’s always room to improve and become the top contender in the office. But this can never be achieved without understanding your skills, understanding your target market, and…

    My placement at Prime – Akiel Johnson

    Every year Prime hires a unique individual to join us in the Manchester office on a placement year. This year, we’ve been joined by Akiel Johnson, studying Sports Marketing at the Manchester Metropolitan University. He is soon finishing his time…

    Why Should Graduates Use Recruitment Agencies

    Finding a company that you think is the right one to develop you personally and professionally can be so tricky, especially if you’re a graduate! It can also be tough to tell whether one company can benefit you better than…

    What Questions Could They Ask Me Within A Sales Interview? 🤔

    Going to a sales interview can be nerve-wracking! Especially if the questions they ask are challenging and make you start waffling because you’re unsure how to answer the question. So how do you walk out of your next interview knowing…

    Why should companies invest into Sales Training?

    In the past, Sales Training has commonly had a reputation as a hit-or-miss practice when delivering a meaningful return on investment (ROI). So companies tend to pause or not even invest in developing skills and experience within their sales team.…

    How To Manage And Support Your Sales Team Mental Health

    Every salesperson has to face unrelenting expectations to perform and execute their tasks on time. Unfortunately, this can take a dramatic toll on your mental health and sales performance.  Team members must understand the impact of mental health and how…

    Top 3 Practices for Onboarding New Hires

    Correctly onboarding new starters is a critical moment, and how you build an onboarding programme can significantly impact your new hires’. Creating an impactful onboarding process can enable your new hires to improve their employee retention by 82%, but sadly,…

    How To Create A Winning CV

    For a recruiter or hiring manager to understand your CV, you need to include: Who you are What your professional background is What your skills and abilities are What you have achieved Why you are the best person for the…

    large text saying "Welcome to our new website"

    Welcome To The New Prime Website 🚀

    And we’re live! 🚀 This Is Prime has a new website! 🎉 When creating this website, we had one goal, to offer a site that would contribute insights back into the sales industry. This included our Podcast series, talking to…

    six males jumping and celebrating their exam results

    A-Level Results Day

    A level results day is potentially the biggest emotional rollercoaster you can put yourself through without risking your life or being a contestant on The Chase, fact. Students around the world today woke up nice and early and casually tried…

    Podcast Series Cover Image

    Launching The Changing the Perception of Sales Podcast Series!

    Last year, we launched series one of the Changing the Perception of Sales Series, speaking to Sales Leaders and shared their experiences, skills and insights from their careers. Our aim was to add value into the sales community at the…

    group of people celebrating at a party

    2020 Freshers – Prime’s Top Tips

    First things first, what a rollercoaster year 2020 has been so far. This blog post has been a few weeks in the making, but Boris’ most recent announcement seemed to flip the last draft on its head. We seemingly went…

    Prime Runnings

    As of Monday 23rd March, the UK government has decided to take similar measures to their European counterparts and enter a nationwide lockdown. This means under no circumstances should people be out and about, having a swift one down the…

    Winners of #BESMA Sales Training Provider of the Year 2019 🎉

    The ISM British Excellence in Sales Management Awards is the highlight of the sales industry calendar, shining a light on outstanding sales professionals and teams across the UK. The awards took place on Friday 15th November at Wembley Stadium, with…

    group of students cheering at a nightclub

    Surviving Freshers Week

    Freshers week, the pinnacle of University culture. For most people, it’s your first time away from home, an opportunity to have some freedom and find out who you really are. It’s probably also the first opportunity to drink your favourite…

    My Year at Prime – and the lessons I’ve learnt on my placement year!

    My boss and Prime’s co-founder/MD Neil Clough once said to me, “a placement year isn’t about saving money” (which is good as I haven’t saved any) “it’s about learning”. At the time of writing this post this is my 11th…

    Musical Millennials: 4 Key Ways To Motivate Millennials In Your Sales Team

    Millennials, Baby Boomers, Generation Y, are all great names for a punk band, yet instead they’re the names used to describe the different generations in today’s workforce. What makes Millennials specifically so important? Well because there’s SO MANY OF THEM…

    Final Exams – 5 Steps To Be Perfectly Prepared For Your Exams

    Alas, the Easter & Bank holidays are almost over and for many of you the last few weeks may have been spent sleeping, watching Netflix and going out getting drunk. However, now its time to get back to University mode…

    Hard Brexit, Soft Brext, Crunchy Brexit, Nutty Brexit: what does Brexit mean for students?

    Is the writer of this article the only one who thinks Brexit sounds like a type of cereal? Never have there been so many opinions on one subject since the day Nick Gandhi wore his ‘funky shirt’ to our Manchester…

    Singles Pringles: How To Entertain Your Single Self On Valentines Day

    Ah Valentine’s Day, the marmite of holidays! A chance to show your true love how much you really care, or a chance for retailers to use your relationship to fill their pockets?

    Dry January: The Pros and Cons

    If most recruiters were robots, alcohol would be their fuel. Okay that’s not necessarily true. You would be hard pressed to find a Sales Resourcer swigging a pint of Peroni whilst sourcing on the phone, but you can bet your…

    Primes Top 7 Christmas Songs

    Tis the season to be jolly and nothing makes you jollier than a good old sing-along with family and friends at Christmas time. There are many office debates around Christmas time: What’s everyone’s favourite thing about Christmas? Is Die Hard…

    End of Year Review: Interviewing Neil Clough

    As Prime enters its 5th year, what better time to look back and see how the company has grown in 2018. From new staff members to new offices opening and lots of exciting events such as charity fundraising at the…

    Prime’s Halloween Horror Film Recommendations

    Halloween is upon us, kids are out trick or treating, students are out partying in fancy dress and recruiters… well recruiters are out recruiting. I guess some things never change. Round the office, the topic of conversation has become centred…

    5 Interview Tips for Graduates

    If you’re reading this, you’ve officially joined the job hunt. You’ve no doubt spent hours crafting the perfect CV, days looking for your dream job role and sent off a load of applications. You’ve just landed yourself an interview, and…

    Freshers week: Most Common Fears Students Have About Graduating

    At 8:42am today I was happily sat on the bus to work when I turned to see 3 students walking down Oxford Road one in a dressing gown and the other two in fancy dress with what looked like marker…

    Target Hitting Incentives in Sales and Recruitment

    It’s often said that in sales and recruitment you will earn as much as you work, and no one knows that better than us at Prime. For example, with it being Friday we normally do our weekly wheel of fortune…

    3 Common Misconceptions About Sales and Recruitment

    Recruiters only care about making a sale. Why do I mention this? Well, recently I attended my first Prime training day with the idea being to not only see how one is run, but also focus on how it benefits…

    Nicole Plinston BESMA 2018 Finalist

    It’s an exciting time at Prime as our very own Nicole Plinston has been nominated as a finalist for External Sales Training Provider of the Year in the BESMA 2018 awards, for the second year in a row.

    Student Placement at Prime: My First Week

    My First Week On A Placement Year Five months ago I was a Media student at Sheffield Hallam university: heavy nights out, a booming social life and flexible working hours were the norm. Now I’m on a 10 month placement…

    Is Recruitment Sales? – Nicole Plinston

    I recently attended a sales industry awards judging day as a nominee. It was an interesting experience, but what has stuck with me most from the process is the perception that recruitment isn’t sales. Having worked in both recruitment and…

    Prime Tips for Interviews

    We know better than anyone how hard it can be for graduates to get a job, especially in recruitment. Nowadays, it is difficult to even get an interview, so it is important to absolutely nail it when you get one.…

    Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

    What are we looking for? We’re growing fast as a business, and as a result, we need another person to join us as we launch our London office. You will use your array of skills to attract, build and maintain…

    Our First Year in Recruitment

    2015 was a great year for Prime. It has to be said that we are over the moon with the success the business has had since it began near the end of October 2014. Prime has truly thrived this year.…

    Nicole Plinston Blog about Prime’s Progression

    You heard from Neil about the launch of our business so I thought I’d update you on how Prime has progressed since. Well, we’ve hit our six month mark, and, following the company’s success with our unique training days, we…

    Welcome to Prime!

    Launched in October last year, we had some great regional and sector coverage, and we’ve been going from strength to strength creating a real buzz around the business. I appeared on The Apprentice You’re Fired (show on BBC2, although this…

    Neil Clough

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

    Having worked in sales environments for over 15 years, Neil’s passion and natural talent for selling has seen him progress through the ranks and achieve great success in his career. Neil quickly became a highly experienced individual within recruiting and developing sales talent, which led him to be an Apprentice Finalist in 2013.

    This experience saw him achieve top salesperson status throughout, as well as breaking the record for the most high-ticket sales ever on a task! Neil is a huge fan of anything football related, but his sporting activities are not confined to just that. He is a regular gym-goer and has taken part in several endurance events, most recently the Gaelforce 64k challenge!

    Learn more about Neil on LinkedIn

    Contact Neil

    Nicole Plinston

    Co-Founder & Director

    With over 20 years’ experience working in sales environments, Nicole has worked across many sectors for some of the best known global brands such as Virgin Media and Apple. She started her career selling car insurance, and quickly realised she had a natural flair for selling, and turned her skills to a career in recruitment.

    During this time, Nicole’s passion for training and development grew, and she decided to study for her CIPD. Training has since been at the core of her expertise, and now she works developing the careers of salespeople and managers, both internally and externally. In her spare time, Nicole is an avid football fan, holding a season ticket at the mighty Crystal Palace! She also claims to enjoy running (but for the record, she really does hate it).

    Learn more about Nicole on LinkedIn

    Contact Nicole

    Kyle Gallagher

    Associate Director

    Kyle joined This Is Prime as a graduate of Business and Marketing. He was the first-ever employee back in 2014, and has progressed to become an integral part of the team. He is now an Associate Director at This Is Prime and manages the team in Manchester. Kyle is also focussed on managing our key client and candidate relationships. Unfortunately, he is the only Gallagher brother that has no musical talent, but his wit in the office makes up for it!

    Learn more about Kyle on LinkedIn

    Contact Kyle

    Steve Lowndes

    Head of Sales Training

    Since joining, Steve has set up and run our successful Prime Sales Academy, enabling organisations and their sales team to deliver better results, ramp up faster, and improve their retention. Whenever he gets the chance, Steve is straight on the bike and off into the hills. In his spare time, he likes to write. He has almost finished writing his book, “Selling in the New World: The Rise of the Transformational Seller.” We can’t wait to read it!

    Learn more about Steve on LinkedIn

    Contact Steve

    Victoria Wright

    Office Manager

    Contact Victoria

    Chris Thompson

    Head of Manchester

    After completing his Marketing Management degree at Manchester Metropolitan, Chris joined us in 2018. Within that time Chris has been promoted to Sales Manager, managing key clients and candidate relationships simultaneously. Chris is a huge fan of his hometown football team, Middlesbrough FC and doesn’t stop talking about it! He’s also the office comedian, keeping us all entertained (even virtually over Zoom).

    Learn more about Chris on LinkedIn

    Contact Chris

    Lizzie Formisano

    Senior Sales Recruiter

    Graduating with a First Class Honours in History from The University of Birmingham, Lizzie has an extensive background in recruitment and works placing top graduate talent into the best sales and recruitment opportunities across London. Lizzie joined us in 2020, and within 6 months she was promoted to Senior Sales Resourcer! Lizzie used to channel her inner Jimi Hendrix in a rock group, but has since swapped the 6 strings for a pair of CDJ’s and a drum & bass mix.

    Learn more about Lizzie on LinkedIn

    Contact Lizzie

    James Salamon

    Sales Recruiter

    James, aka “Salzy”, is a testament to our training and progression here at This Is Prime. Following on from his placement year with us, James has continued to stay on after graduation and is already carving out an excellent career. When he isn’t working, James pulls up the laces and is straight onto the football pitch, having played for the Manchester Met football team in the past.

    Learn more about James on LinkedIn

    Contact James

    Charlotte Morris

    Sales Recruiter

    Charlotte is tasked with searching high and low to find the top graduate talent and place them into the best sales and recruitment opportunities across Manchester. She describes herself as an absolute chatterbox, and we couldn’t agree more! Since joining us in our Manchester office, she has not stopped talking about bottomless brunches, and is an avid fan of prosecco.

    Learn more about Charlotte on LinkedIn

    Contact Charlotte

    Adele Patel

    Sales Recruiter

    Adele joined us with excellent experience under her belt in retail, marketing and communications, which has set her in good stead here at This Is Prime. She plans to progress with us as well as having aspirations to travel the world. She loves cooking and reading, and her favourite book is Outliers by Michael Gladwell. In the future, she’d love to live in France and be fluent in French!

    Learn more about Adele on LinkedIn

    Contact Adele

    Toby Davies

    Sales Recruiter

    Graduating with First Class Honours in LLB Law from the University of Nottingham, Toby headed for the big city of London with one goal in mind. To be THE top performer within Prime enabling him to afford a Mercedes-Benz! From an early age, Toby has been a goalkeeper for several clubs and continued to play at University. He is a massive fan of Arsenal FC and hopes to see them lift the Premier League trophy very soon!

    Learn more about Toby on LinkedIn

    Contact Toby

    Liam Curry

    Senior Sales Resourcer

    Graduating with a First Class Honours in Accounting and Finance from Newcastle University, Liam heads back to his hometown of Manchester and looks to make a fantastic career within recruitment! He is a massive fan of anything football, playing from 5 years old and reaching regional team within his teens. Liam has an incredible goal to run a sub 1:40:00 time within a half or full marathon next year!

    Learn more about Liam on LinkedIn

    Contact Liam

    Mica Burke

    Senior Sales Resourcer

    Graduating from Nottingham Trent University in English and Philosophy, Mica enjoys playing the guitar, steel drums and binge-watching a good Netflix series! She is always up for socialising and having a few tequilas with her friends. Mica aims to hit every continent in the next five years and be on the property ladder within the next three years.

    Learn more about Mica on LinkedIn

    Contact Mica

    Akiel Johnson

    Senior Sales Resourcer

    Akiel is currently on Placement at Prime from Manchester Metropolitan University, studying Marketing Management. He has been a fantastic member of the team and always looking to learn! Akiel enjoys anything competitive and is currently part of the 1st team Football team at the University. His goal is to be so successful within his career he can afford a Lamborghini Urus!

    Learn more about Akiel on LinkedIn

    Contact Akiel

    Jasmine Heslop

    Sales Resourcer

    Jasmine graduated from the University of Leeds in Midwifery but decided that a career in Recruitment was the way to go! During her time at University, Jasmine was part of the Netball and Cheerleading team! She also set up Bottomless Brunch events across Leeds and looking to start doing it again in Manchester on the weekends. Jasmine’s ultimate goal is to be on the property ladder in Ibiza!

    Contact Jasmine

    Sam McDonald

    Sales Resourcer

    Sam graduated from Liverpool John Moores with a BEng in Civil Engineering and decided Manchester was the next stop after university! He enjoys wearing my Birkenstocks with Socks, gardening, and spending time with his friends getting sushi, Ramen, Pho, or Korean BBQ. Sam’s number one goal is to be on the property ladder within the next 18 months and attend every Formula 1 event before hitting 30.

    Contact Sam

    Becky Maddox

    Sales Resourcer

    Contact Becky

    Ollie Dunt

    Sales Resourcer

    Graduating from Nottingham Trent University in Graphic Design, Ollie is a regular gym-goer with a keen interest in powerlifting and is also a big fan of Chelsea FC. Whenever he has any spare time he is listening to 80s music, so don’t start a conversation with him about The Smiths as it will never end. Ollie aims to be very successful inside Prime, with the goal of earning 6-figures in 5 years’ time.

    Contact Ollie

    Imogen Nolan

    Sales Resourcer

    Contact Imogen

    Nathan Winter

    Sales Resourcer

    Nathan studied at the University Campus of Football Business at the Manchester City Football Club! He studied Football Business and Marketing at University because he wanted to combine his love of sport and develop his business skills. Nathan was the captain of his local Rugby League team before University. He is a big supporter of the Leeds Rhinos Rugby Team and Leeds Football Team! His goal is to succeed within Recruitment and afford a fantastic house based in Alderley Edge.

    Contact Nathan

    David Lennon

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Graduating from the University of Central Lancashire with a 1st class degree in Marketing Management, David works to create impactful content that will help Prime connect with new and existing candidates and clients, as well as helping us grow our brand into new markets. He is a massive fan of anything sporty, playing rugby, handball, cricket, and dodgeball to name just a few. He is currently training to return to American Football as a Wide Receiver.

    Learn more about David on LinkedIn

    Contact David

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