Target Hitting Incentives in Sales and Recruitment

It’s often said that in sales and recruitment you will earn as much as you work, and no one knows that better than us at Prime. For example, with it being Friday we normally do our weekly wheel of fortune spin which gives the company’s ‘top performers of the week’ a chance to win a range of prices, anything from a Monday lie in, to a meal out with the boss, and even a tuna butty (no idea whose idea that was). As well as this it’s also our weekly target hitting this Friday so the majority of the team are out for Tapas and then we’re off for a night on the town. This isn’t uncommon in sales and recruitment as there are bucket loads of staff incentives which are a great way for bosses to inspire the troops to smash targets. So, with it being Friday and in celebration of Primes monthly target hitting and our weekly wheel of fortune spin, we’re going to take a look at the best target hitting incentives in sales and recruitment.


So, you’ve been working hard and smashing targets the last few months: you’re tired, sick of the British weather and think to yourself “wow, I need a holiday.” Then your boss turns around and takes you all away for a weekend of fun with your work colleagues in the sun, all expenses paid. Now if this sounds bizarre to you, it’s because it most definitely is, however in sales and recruitment this is the norm. Many companies do yearly target hitting incentives that are company trips abroad. A clear example of this was in April when Neil & Nicole took all the Prime team to Benidorm for a weekend, and the holiday was well deserved as the team were taken for smashing their yearly target. It’s often said sales and recruitment is one of the few careers where you get fairly rewarded for how well you perform, and this is a Prime (pun intended) example of that.

Free Meals

This is the big one in my opinion. Referring to the Prime wheel of fortune, it was only last week I was given the honour of spinning the wheel for the very first time and luckily it didn’t land on a tuna butty. Instead I was fortunate and won a free meal at a fancy Italian down the road from the office and the free food didn’t end there! For the team’s hard work on Thursday everyone was bought a burrito which we all ate together in the office like one big happy sales and recruitment focused family. Now as adorable as that all is, the seriousness of free food must not be downplayed. If you’re a smart person you’ll know any career that involves multiple free meals is not one to turn your nose up at which is exactly why a career in sales and recruitment is among the best (literally as I type this my manager has just asked me what I want from Nandos).

Early Finishes

Having the Friday feeling is one thing, but having the Friday feeling alongside an early finish on a Friday like we do at Prime, is another level. It’s not just at Prime too! Many other recruitment companies also reward their staff for their long hours and dedication with an early finish on Friday, giving you a good chance to make a head start on your weekend and come back to work on Monday feeling refreshed.

Dress down days

The importance of a non-uniform day back when you were in school cannot be stressed enough. No one wants to be the kid who gets bullied for their dress style or even worse the one kid who forgets and turns up in uniform (which was me on multiple occasions). But now we’re all grown up, more mature and no one cares how you dress. So as long as you don’t forget on the day, you can now enjoy all the fun of a non-uniform day in a safe adult environment. How? Well by getting a career in sales and recruitment a common staff incentive is a dress down day where you can look around the office and see a crazy combination of styles, from funky socks to disgusting dad shirts. Here at Prime our dress down day is on a Friday and while I still haven’t had the guts to come into work in my dressing gown and sliders it is nice to be able to wear my more comfortable outfits to the office, for example my Spiderman costume is that easy to slip on in the morning I normally make the bus five minutes early.

Regular team drinks

I think everyone can agree that having a team of work colleagues that you can call your friends makes both your job and your life overall a lot better. Because of this, spending social time as a team is essential and if you’re with a company like Prime, or any other company with staff incentives, it won’t be long before you’re out having drinks with your work mates and trying to remember what your life was like without them. Sales and recruitment is all about personality so consequently an exciting social life comes hand in hand which both gives you a chance to blow off some steam as well as get to know and become friends with your team.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re looking for a job currently, and sunny holidays, early finishes and free food all appeal to you, why not visit our website to see if a career in sales and recruitment is right for you! Alternatively, if you know a target hitting incentive that we’ve never heard of, get in touch and let us know and it may well end up on the Prime wheel of fortune, as the tuna butty reward needs to be replaced as soon as possible in my opinion.