2020 Freshers – Prime’s Top Tips

First things first, what a rollercoaster year 2020 has been so far.

This blog post has been a few weeks in the making, but Boris’ most recent announcement seemed to flip the last draft on its head. We seemingly went from ‘how to enjoy a new look freshers week’ to probably something closer to ‘how quickly can you receive a £3,000 fine’ with the new rules in place. So we had to go back to the drawing board.

So, here we are again, hopefully with some valuable advice as a lot of you will be moving to uni this week, or will have very recently moved:

These are Prime’s 5 Tips to Enjoy a New Look and (New) Law Abiding Freshers Week!


We couldn’t imagine offering this advice 12 months ago, as 1) it wasn’t an option and 2) freshers events are all about getting involved in the activities and even more so on the dance floor, so we couldn’t advocate sitting at a table. But nowadays its the norm, no scratch that, it’s the necessity to even enter a venue and there are plenty of socially distanced events going on across university campuses. So secure a seat ASAP. Which leads nicely onto our second tip…

Plan Rigorously

Again, it almost doesn’t feel right advocating for over-planning and rigid schedules for freshers week, as the old adage says it’s the spontaneous nights that are the best! However, 2020 has given us enough problems, the last thing you need is to be stood in the cold outside a booked-out venue, pleading with the bouncer that you’re happy to sit on the floor inside. So, for that reason, plan your evening (day session might be more apt), know where you’re going and know who you’re going there with!

Join student groups on Facebook and WhatsApp

With social rules even stricter now and the opportunity for freshers fairs and club nights postponed, we’re having to do a lot of our interaction via technology. But that is the beauty of technology, you can find people with similar views and interests without even having to converse with them – efficient! Not only this however, but these groups are also hubs for campus news and updates for events at the university, and it’s always good to be in the know.

Bring a doorstop

This one might seem a bit rogue, but bare with us. That initial move in period can be daunting and you’re thrusted in to a flat with 3 or 4ish strangers, all in the same boat – and bubble now. Use the doorstop to keep your door open when initially meeting your new bubble/flat mates. Of course have your own private time but a cliché open door policy creates a much friendlier atmosphere, that will be invaluable considering these could be the people you have to spend your time with for the next few weeks, or maybe months.

Stick to the government guidance, for your health’s (and bank accounts) sake – We understand, none of this is ideal, not even close to it. But uni doesn’t stop after freshers. You’ll find yourself going out just as much throughout your whole tenure there and there are hundreds of opportunities to meet people and make friends. We thought being stuck outside a venue in the cold was the last thing you wanted, but in hindsight it might actually be the whopping fine you can receive for breaking Covid rules!


We hope any of these tips come as a welcome pearl of wisdom for at least one person embarking on the university chapter of their life. Regardless of the state of 2020, we’re sure you’ll have a belter at whichever university you attend!

All the best, Prime x