Singles Pringles: How To Entertain Your Single Self On Valentines Day

Ah Valentine’s Day, the marmite of holidays! A chance to show your true love how much you really care, or a chance for retailers to use your relationship to fill their pockets?

If we’re being honest, it’s probably both. Still, the writer of this article happens to be a fan of Valentine’s Day, because whether single or in a relationship it’s a great opportunity to fill your face full of food and get drunk. Even though some talented souls manage it, with recruitment often meaning long hours and a lot of out of office work, it can be hard to find and maintain a relationship alongside the job. Still, everyone finds ‘the one’ eventually so there’s no need to worry. The only issue now is how to entertain yourself on February 14th when all the couples are out living it large. Well at Prime we’re all about solutions not problems. With that being said, here’s some ways to entertain your single self on Valentine’s Day, all of which are going to make you glad you’re not out with those disgusting sappy couples.



Now the cinema is an absolute no go on Valentine’s day as the cinemas will be full of either rubbish Valentine’s Day releases; terrible non Valentine’s Day movies that have just been slapped into February and… Oh well The Lego Movie 2 is in, but that is not something you’re going to want to watch on your own on Valentine’s Day, unless you’re very passionate about Lego. Lucky for all of us we live in the 21st century where all the cinema really is, is a big screen with overpriced popcorn. All the best films have already come out anyway.

So, you can organise a big film night with the girls/guys or go solo… but what film? Well that depends on how you’re feeling! Here are our recommendations based on what you’d want from your film night.

“I want to get into the Valentine’s Day mood” – Then you’ll love these romcom classics.

About Time – Time travel in a romcom film, so wholesome that you’ll feel like your life has improved just by watching it.


Love Actually – Seriously this film is everywhere. If you haven’t seen it get it watched immediately. I mean it’s so cheesy it practically stinks of Wensleydale, but still a classic ‘feel good’ film.


Crazy Stupid Love – This film boasts an impressive cast with some of the biggest names in the film industry…. And Kevin Bacon. Still it’s another feel good Valentine’s film about when you’re suddenly single, looking for love and not knowing where to start.


“I hate Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for” – No worries, these films are about as romantic as a doner kebab from your local chippy.

Saw – You can’t get further removed from romance than a crazy person locking people in deathtraps. Well some of your more toxic relationships are like this perhaps. Still, the first Saw (although gory) is still a solid horror film with a classic twist.


Trainspotting – Based on the 1993 novel by Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting is not about Trainspotting and the last thing you’d think to watch on Valentine’s Day, which makes it the perfect film if you’re looking to get away from it. The film itself is all about Scottish lads and drugs, and Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) is the lead. May the force be with you…


Finding Nemo – This film is too closely aimed at kids to have a shred of romance in. Even better *SPOILER* in the first 5 minutes the main character’s wife (and the title character’s mum) is killed off muahahah. Have that couples. Instead the film aims to focus on the relationship between fish father and son. Now that’s a film you want to watch on Valentine’s Day.


Drinks with the guys/girls

Couples don’t have to have all the fun. While going out on Valentine’s Day may look like you’re either on the prowl or trying to prove you don’t need a relationship, who cares? Going out can just be that, going out. And if you happen to come across a dancing partner while on the beers, more power to you.

Tons of clubs, bars and pubs will be milking Valentine’s Day to put on random events, but you can use this to your advantage. By the next morning you’ll be so hungover that you probably won’t even remember Valentine’s Day.


There’s nothing sad about getting a takeaway on Valentine’s Day. Even if there is, who’s going to know? Think the ‘uber eats’ man is going to laugh in your face as he presents you with your Big Mac meal and chocolate milkshake. Of course not. Do you know why? Because he wishes it was him about to eat it. All the restaurants will be full of those pesky couples anyway so why not treat yourself?

TV box sets

Even more time consuming than a film is a good old TV box set. Thanks to Netflix, Sky, Amazon Prime and many more, now you can sit back nice and single while not caring at all, because you’re on season 3 of Game of Thrones and the Red Wedding is just 1 episode away. Here are a few shows we recommend to binge.

Still in the Valentine’s Day mood? Then you’ll love these…

You – This show is all about how love really can drive someone crazy. Also, there’s a great twist at the end which was ruined for the writer of this article (as he was writing it) by Prime’s Chris Thompson. Thanks for that Chris.


How I Met Your Mother – Meet Ted Mosby on his quest to capture “the one”. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day and need hope that someday you won’t be, watch this hilarious sitcom. Honestly, Ted’s a loser and he clears up with the ladies.


The Vampire Diaries – Vampires and a lot of passionate love. Not everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re open to something new then this one is worth checking out.


Still wanting an escape from the roses and chocolates? Then try these on for size…

Luther – Idris Elba plays the gritty and somewhat insane John Luther, solving grisly murders in London. Where Luther goes trouble follows, so hopefully he doesn’t go to Prime London anytime soon.


Breaking Bad – Watch Science teacher Walter White turn into one of the biggest drug dealers of all time. I mean there’s elements of love and romance in this show, but it’s mostly drowned out by the gunfights and killing.


Rick and Morty – The show that’s too childish for adults and too adult for kids, yet both seem to watch it anyway. Probably the last thing to watch if you’re in the mood for cheesy love stories.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and with it soon finally behind us we can all focus on the things that matter. Like coming to our next set of Prime Training Days, right?

What did you do Valentine’s Day? Got any single pringle solutions we missed? Let us know, we can always add them to the list next year.