Five Attributes You Need To Get A Job In Sales

“What are they looking for, who are they looking for, is there something specific they are searching for?” These are the types of questions every graduate thinks about before an interview. So what is it they’re trying to find out about you and is it different at each company?

Every company has specific criteria they look for in a graduate, but these can be pretty generic, such as culture fit, location, or communication style. But there are five attributes that every company drives to look for in a graduate they want to hire. Developing even one of these attributes will help you secure any roles you’re going for within sales!


Going with the flow is the name of the game. Adapting to internal and external environments is crucial in Sales. You never know what will suddenly jump up the next day when you enter the office and become a curveball to be a pretty organised day. So it’s how you roll the punches, adapt to the environment you are working in, and continue to be the best you can be!


Companies are always desperate for graduates to join and become a sponge! You are receptive to their tips, tricks and ideas and driven to take in any feedback good or bad, and use it to grow professionally. To be a coachable graduate, you not only respond to the input you actively seek, but you also want to know more about how to improve.


Sales contain frequent rejection, so allowing yourself to brush the no’s and keep driving for the yes is essential to secure a role in sales. Employers love to hear of examples of when you; took action, practised self-acceptance, rewarded yourself and built goals towards success. 


Employers enjoy hearing about you pushing yourself through uncertainty and asking tough questions to help develop yourself. The most successful salespeople have boundless curiosity. Never stopping to look for ways to improve is what makes a successful salesperson. This is why employers actively seek individuals who are always curious about how success can be achieved.


To be a successful salesperson, you must be competitive. Even though employers want you to be a team player, they also want to see the motivation from you to win and beat everyone to that top spot. Show the employer examples of your competitiveness to win and the purpose you possess that makes you the best. Employers always prefer passion and drive over intellect.