What Is A Graduate Job And What To Expect?

What is a graduate job?

Graduate jobs is a permanent role after university and are found in almost all industries and employment sectors. Companies tend to hire graduates because of their motivation to build a successful career and become financially independent.

Unlike Graduate schemes, Graduate jobs will have a defined job role and will be pushed to start making an impact as soon as possible, but not without providing formal training and pathways to success.

Salaries can vary based on industry and the size of the company. However, typically they lie between competitive salary and entry-level (£20k – £28K)

What to expect from a graduate job?

On average, Graduate jobs are junior positions and offer post-university students with limited experience but are equipped with great potential to build the skills needed for a successful career.

However, graduates are expected to dedicate themselves to the job and try to complete each responsibility and expectation. Most organisations understand that graduates are inexperienced and allow a grace period to grasp their role and start to make an impact. But there will be a point if they feel the graduate is not pushing themselves to succeed. There will be a discussion about their position at the company.

What should you look for in a graduate job?


The only way to succeed in your career is to challenge yourself. Your first graduate job is important to lay the foundations of success, and the more engaged and motivated you are within the role, the more you can progress personally and professionally within your graduate job.


Training is always necessary to refine your skills and build on your current experience. It’s important that you find a company that looks at training as a key part for everyone within their organisation. One way to find out if they do provide this, ask them. During your interview process for the role, you need to know if they prioritise your development to succeed within the company by utilising structured training programmes. 

Diversity and Culture

Being part of a company that creates an inclusive environment and has built an ethos of empowerment and teamwork is a fantastic asset when starting your graduate job. Of course, there will be times when your role is challenging, and there will be setbacks. But having a company culture built to support and develop you is crucial to your success.