What Questions Could They Ask Me Within A Sales Interview?

Attending a sales interview can be anxious, especially if the questions are challenging and cause you to stumble while responding. So how do you leave the interview confident in your performance? The key is preparation.

While the content of your responses is crucial, how you answer each question can determine the overall success of your interview. It’s important to anticipate tough questions that may leave you cornered and equip yourself with suitable answers.

To assist you in your preparation, here’s a list of the top sales interview questions you may encounter;

  • How do you handle objections?
  • What is our Company USP
  • Have you tried to learn something new recently?
  • What is your ultimate goal right now?
  • Why Sales? Is it something you could see as a career?
  • Give me an example of working towards a goal and achieving it
  • What do you think about cold calling
  • Sales can come with a lot of rejection. Can you handle that?
  • Tell me something that isn’t on your CV!
  • Sales can be a very competitive environment. How would you deal with the pressure of others trying to beat you?
  • Breakdown what success means to you
  • What’s your biggest failure?
  • How do your friends describe you that you disagree with?
  • If Sales didn’t exist, what job would you do?

You must convince the individual interviewing you that you’re suitable for the role. This means you must present yourself as a knowledgeable individual who knows exactly what it takes to succeed.

Good Luck!