Are Startups A Great Place for a Graduate?

Once a student graduates from University, they only have one question in mind… “What’s next?” Some will look for graduate schemes, some will get a part-time job while searching for the “right” role, but one that many graduates never think about and could be the best decision they could ever make is start-up companies. These include organisations that have only been running for under ten years, have a relatively small employee count, and work closely with each other. 

So why would it be a great place to work as a graduate?

Fresh and Modern Culture

Many startups love to reward employees with regular activities and social events for their hard work, enabling graduates to develop drive and motivation, get to know their colleagues, and help build strong working relationships.

Born in the 21st century, startups drive for diversity and inclusion within their organisation and understand why it’s so important. This enhances employee engagement and innovation, creates a sense of belonging, improves the employee experience, enhances innovation and improves leadership skills and abilities.

Prioritised Progression

The skies are the limit! Beginning at a startup allows graduates to expand their knowledge by working closely with senior leaders and mentors who will set achievable targets and provide guidance. It also offers many more opportunities to get involved with other business areas and learn skills from colleagues they might not develop within large companies.

Opening doors to the future

A graduate’s first startup job may not be perfect and shouldn’t feel like it. It allows them to learn as much as possible from senior and experienced individuals within the business and provides support with autonomy. All the exposure to different factors and experiences within a startup gives graduates everything they need to move up the career ladder and make an immediate impact.

Instant Responsibility

When joining a startup, it’s unlikely that several people with your skillset will be doing the same role. That means they will likely be solely responsible for their role from day one, allowing them to develop quickly and feel like they’re an integral part of the business. Which they are! Roles and tasks are given with the trust that graduates will give 100% to achieve what has been tasked but are not afraid to ask for help or guidance.