Why Should Graduates Build A LinkedIn Profile?

Graduates, are you ready to kick-start your career? Then you need to set up your LinkedIn profile! Graduates with a LinkedIn Profile are 20% more likely to receive a phone call from a recruiter about a possible role.

In today’s digital age, it’s essential for all professionals, including recent graduates, to have a robust online presence. LinkedIn is a social network designed specifically for the business world and provides an excellent platform to showcase your skills, experience, and education. 

So why should graduates build an online presence on LinkedIn, and how can it help them land their dream job?

Showcase your professional brand

LinkedIn allows you to create a profile highlighting your education, work experience, skills, and interests, which showcases your professional brand and allows potential employers to understand the strengths you can offer to their organisation. Having a well-crafted LinkedIn profile allows you to stand out from other job seekers, create a positive first impression with potential employers, and increase your chance of landing an interview!

Network with industry professionals

Having a platform like LinkedIn where you can connect with industry professionals and expand your network is essential to your long-term success. Building a solid network on LinkedIn can help you stay informed about job openings and industry news and open the door to new job opportunities. By connecting and engaging with people in your desired field, you can get advice, information, and referrals to help you land your dream job.

Enhance your credibility

Potential employers will immediately perceive your profile as credible. You’ve taken time to develop and advertise yourself, which many employers love to see. A well-maintained LinkedIn profile demonstrates your commitment to professional development and helps you establish yourself as a thought leader. By regularly sharing articles, updates, and posts related to your industry, you can demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as a reliable resource for others in your network.

Keep your resume updated

So you built your profile to showcase your skills, work experience, and education. Fantastic! But LinkedIn can be more than “another CV.” Adding interests, goals, and other interesting information about yourself enables you to provide a personal touch and increase your credibility. Which ultimately helps your profile be seen further by people outside of your network, further enhancing your digital performance.

Stay connected with alumni and classmates

LinkedIn can benefit you greatly in the long term! Building a network early, which consists of friends, colleagues, fellow grads and lecturers, offers you a strong foundation for the future. Following their journeys, their learning, and what they can contribute later on in life could benefit you hugely! 


Overall, building an online presence on LinkedIn will enhance your professional brand, network with industry professionals, and increase your chances of landing your dream job. So, now is the time to create your LinkedIn profile today!