Why should companies invest into Sales Training?

In the past, Sales Training has commonly had a reputation as a hit-or-miss practice when delivering a meaningful return on investment (ROI). So companies tend to pause or not even invest in developing skills and experience within their sales team. But that’s changing. Successful organisations are increasingly seeing the benefits of training and finding that it’s critical to achieving growth. 

So what are telltale signs an organisation requires sales training, and why it will benefit them exponentially?

What are the signs an organisation need Sales Training within their organisation?

  1. The last four in-house training sessions were about the product or service and not personal to individual development.
  2. Strategies have evolved within the business, so areas like the elevator pitch and prospecting strategy might need to be re-defined. 
  3. More and more cold calls are sounding too scripted and only talk about how good they are and not how they can help their target market. 
  4. The sales team are consistently not hitting their individual KPI’s.
  5. Forecasted revenue is consistently not achieved.

What can Sales Training involve?

The overall goal of Sales Training is to upskill and provide relevant knowledge, skills, and insights to help them function at their best. However, sales training is never a “one size fits all”. Instead, development programs need to be created and adapted to meet all individual expectations and enable everyone to succeed, not just a few.

Sales Training can include the following;

Why should organisations be investing in Sales Training?

Upskill your team: Training can prepare a sales team to develop skills for the digital age and enable them to meet and exceed the growing demands within their target industry.

Increase Sales: Training creates development, development leads to experience, experience leads to success. 

Development confidence and motivation:  It will enable the sales teams to chase more leads, impress in presentations, and exude the kind of confidence your customers will notice.

Retain the best – Providing learning and development opportunities are the most essential benefits for today’s sales professionals and increasing their chances of staying for a more extended time.