Our First Year in Recruitment

2015 was a great year for Prime. It has to be said that we are over the moon with the success the business has had since it began near the end of October 2014. Prime has truly thrived this year. With our total number of staff tripling, we are seeing great progress, especially within the space of a year.

We recorded a six-figure operating profit in 2015, which is a huge achievement.

The effort put in by all our team in the run up to the new year was phenomenal, so the figure is richly deserved, and gives a great platform to kick on into year two. Prime has since moved into a new office, located on Hewitt Street in Manchester, to house our increased number of employees, and gives us a home for the foreseeable future.

By offering a unique way of providing employers with high potential trainees who have a real hunger to work in sales and recruitment, more and more businesses are coming to Prime to recruit. Our specialist training programme has been a huge hit with candidates, as we receive fantastic feedback on all our training days and the number of trainees we have attending increases week on week, which is always good to see.

Our job has only just begun, and we still have work to do as we hope to make sales and recruitment a career of choice. As for our plans for the future, we are ambitious with both our team growth and our revenue targets, as we hope to double our turnover on year one in 2016, and grow the business from a team of seven to a team of ten by the end of year two.

It’s been an excellent start as a business, and we’re looking forward to helping more young people embark on their careers and continuing to change the perception of sales.