We Wish You a Merry Sales Team: Christmas Eats for Sales Positions

Tis the season to be jolly!

Have you ever wondered what Christmas food best represents different sales positions? It’s a tricky question, right? Trying to associate each food with the right role can take ages! Don’t stress, we got the best of the best to look into it.

Join us on this entertaining yet ‘professional’ journey as we unwrap the delicious world of Christmas food and Sales!

Sales Development Representative (SDR): The Mulled Wine

Like a warm cup of mulled wine, SDRs bring a comforting and inviting touch to the sales process. Their enthusiastic and engaging approach creates a delightful experience for potential customers. SDRs are the perfect blend of warmth and zest, much like the beloved holiday beverage.

Account Executive: The Roast Turkey

Account executives are the main course of the sales team, just like the traditional roast turkey at a Christmas dinner. They take charge, carve out new opportunities, and bring a succulent feast of deals to the table. Account executives are the centrepiece of any sales banquet.

Sales Manager: The Christmas Pudding

Much like the rich and indulgent Christmas pudding, sales managers provide the team with a delightful blend of sweetness and structure. They combine the diverse flavours of the sales process, ensuring it all comes together harmoniously. Their expertise ignites the fire of motivation and keeps the team merry and on track.

Sales Operations: The Mince Pie

Sales operations professionals are like the classic mince pie, adding depth and richness to the sales process. They meticulously handle the behind-the-scenes tasks, ensuring everything runs smoothly. From data analysis to process optimisation, they bring a touch of complexity and tradition to the sales feast.

Customer Success Manager: The Cheeseboard

Customer success managers are like a well-curated cheeseboard, offering a variety of tastes and experiences to customers. They provide support, ensure satisfaction, and build long-lasting relationships. Like the cheeseboard, they create a strong bond between customers and the sales team, leaving a delightful and memorable impression.

Sales Trainer: Afternoon Tea

Sales trainers are like a beautiful afternoon tea, bringing knowledge, expertise, and refinement to the sales team. They provide the tools and techniques for success. Sales trainers ensure the team is well-prepared to elevate their sales game and charm customers.

Sales Engineer: The Yorkshire Pudding

Sales engineers are the comforting and universal Yorkshire puddings of the sales team. They bring technical expertise to the table, ensuring that products or services meet clients’ unique needs. Just like Yorkshire puddings complement a traditional roast, sales engineers enhance the sales process and make it more satisfying.

Sales Analyst: The Bubbly Prosecco

Sales analysts bring sparkling energy and excitement to the sales team, like a glass of Prosecco. They analyse data, identify trends, and provide valuable insights that help drive sales strategies. Just as Prosecco adds a touch of celebration, sales analysts infuse the sales process with a refreshing perspective.

Sales Coordinator: The Festive Trifle

Sales coordinators are the layers that bring the sales team together like a festive trifle. They assist with scheduling logistics and ensure smooth coordination among team members. Like a trifle’s layers of sponge cake, custard, fruit, and cream, sales coordinators create a harmonious blend, making the sales process a true delight.

Sales Director: The Crown Roast of Pork

Sales directors are the crowning glory of the sales organisation, just like Roast Pork. They oversee the entire sales strategy, carving out success and ensuring understanding for the whole team. Sales directors drive for excellence and lead the way to sales success.

CEO: The Grand Christmas Feast

The CEO orchestrates the grand Christmas feast of sales success. Bringing together a Christmas feast can be the most stressful thing on earth. Which is why it’s so important to have someone who can bring everyone together and set vision and direction. They ensure that the sales team operates at its best, creating a feast of achievements and growth.


We had to make some real tough calls to get to what we figured was the right answer. Had a few heated debates around the old water cooler over this one – Kyle from our Regions Desk almost spit out his eggnog! But we sorted it out and did our best, so hopefully, that takes a load off your mind. Now you can relax and pass the pudding without worrying yourself silly over this stuff. 

You’re welcome, by the way!