Why Should Graduates Use Recruitment Agencies

Finding a company that you think is the right one to develop you personally and professionally can be so tricky, especially if you’re a graduate! It can also be tough to tell whether one company can benefit you better than the other when they offer the same thing. So what are graduates doing to make the right choice? They use recruiters. Recruitment agencies’ literal job is to find out what you want, your strengths and weaknesses, your aspirations and goals, and then put you in front of organisations they know you will thrive in.

The Benefits Of Working With Recruitment Agencies.

CV Coaching: As a graduate, it’s hard to know how to make a competitive CV and stand out in the crowd. But there’s no need to worry, recruiters are very happy to analyse your CV and help build it to increase the chances of securing interviews.

The Right Role For You: Once you’ve had a detailed conversation about your needs and wants, they will suggest roles that they know are suitable for you and match the skills you currently possess and what you’re looking to develop.

Sell Your Skills: So you’ve agreed to a role you think you would succeed in. Now the recruiter will liaise with the company on your behalf. Here they will sell you to the business breaking down your strengths and weaknesses and presenting you as the perfect person for their organisation. Companies hire recruiters for their expertise, so they will trust their judgement and bring you in for interviews! 

Interview Preparation: Recruiters want you to succeed! They are happy to sit down with you and create the best plan suited for your upcoming interviews. This can also include, what to wear, what to prepare for and how to leave a lasting impression. 

Hired Faster!: Using a recruitment agency will shorten the time it takes to secure a role. Recruiters have strong ties with the companies they work with and can fast track you through the process compared to graduates applying directly to the organisation. 

Support and Direction: Recruiters will give you a call before and after your interview and provide support and guidance. They will provide industry knowledge, types of questions they may ask and tips that will make you a big hit with the interviewer giving you the best chance to succeed! 

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