Prime Tips for Interviews

We know better than anyone how hard it can be for graduates to get a job, especially in recruitment. Nowadays, it is difficult to even get an interview, so it is important to absolutely nail it when you get one.

Here at Prime, we can help you do just that.

The rules we live by can be found in our name. Presentation, Rapport, Influence, Methodology and Energy… Prime. We believe these are the five essential competencies needed to make a great first impression. If you implement these into your preparation for your interview, you are certain to smash it!


Possibly the most important factor. On a night out, you dress to impress, and that’s exactly what you need to do for any interview you get. If you aren’t dressed or groomed for the importance of the occasion, then it looks as if you don’t want it enough. Think about it this way, without your best neon top, how are you going to pull? On a serious note, cover up your tats and piercings and make a first impression that sets the tone for the interview.

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Small talk can be hard. We’ve all been in that position where we see someone stunning on a night out and have absolutely nothing to say to them. Awkward conversation can be unavoidable at times, but think of witty things to talk about rather than the weather. Perhaps a conversation about your favourite football team, things you like to do, holidays you have coming up etc. and you will soon have flowing conversation, making the whole interview a lot easier. But don’t chat up your interviewer – that rarely goes down well!

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“Honestly, I’m not too drunk” is a very common phrase graduates use as they waddle up to a club after a solid pre-drinking session. On a night out you may need influence to get in a club, and the same goes with business. You need to be resilient, and prove that you have what it takes, and by believing that you are the right person for the job, this confidence will come through in your interview.


Now if the bouncer is doing his job properly and “Honestly, I’m not too drunk” doesn’t get you back in the club, then you need a plan B. This is where many people looking for a job fall down, as they put all their eggs in one basket with one interview without planning for any others. It is essential that you always think ahead, and plan effectively. While it’s important to prepare for every job interview as if it’s the perfect role, you shouldn’t waste time applying for positions you can’t see yourself doing in a few years. Focus on opportunities that offer you a career and not just a job.


Recruitment can be very long and very exhausting. When you’re coming to the end of the night and you see the sun coming up, all you want to do is go to bed. However, a lot of your mates will want to stay out and look for the next bar they can find that’s open. In recruitment, that is how to be successful. Always be full of energy and ready to face new challenges, and if fatigue settles in then it means its time for a coffee break or a couple of Red Bulls!

If you show that you are enthusiastic, prepared, and ambitious you are guaranteed to leave a lasting first impression. If the interview doesn’t go according to plan and you slip up, at least the interviewer will recognise the level of effort gone into your preparation, and sometimes that can be enough to win someone over.

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