10 Skills Or Attributes Sales Leaders Are Looking For In A Graduate

A majority of companies across the UK commonly spend between £10,000-£15,000 hiring a single individual within sales. This is why Sales Leaders or Hiring Managers must employ the right people and develop them into long-term successes.

So how do they accomplish this?

They look for these ten skills or attributes within a graduate they are looking to hire that can significantly help their organisation succeed!

Strong communication skills: Sales leaders look for candidates who are excellent communicators, both verbally and in writing, as sales is a customer-facing role that requires clear and effective communication.

Self-motivation: Sales is a demanding field that requires self-discipline, persistence, and drive. Sales leaders want to see that candidates can motivate themselves and stay focused on achieving their goals.

Adaptability: Sales is an ever-changing landscape, so sales leaders want to hire graduates who can adapt to new environments, learn quickly, and pivot when necessary.

Competitive nature: Sales is a competitive industry, so sales leaders want to hire candidates driven by competition and thrive under pressure.

Customer-focused mindset: Sales is about building customer relationships and understanding their needs. Sales leaders want to see that graduates have a customer-focused attitude and can build rapport with clients.

Problem-solving skills: Sales professionals must identify and solve customer problems. Sales leaders look for analytical candidates who can think creatively to find solutions.

Resilience: Sales can be challenging, with many rejections and setbacks. Sales leaders want to hire graduates who can bounce back from failure, learn from their mistakes, and keep pushing forward.

Team player: Sales is often a team sport, and sales leaders want to hire graduates who can work collaboratively with colleagues, share best practices, and support one another.

Goal-oriented: Sales is a numbers game, so sales leaders look for goal-oriented candidates who can set and achieve ambitious targets.

Business acumen: Sales is a critical function within any business, and sales leaders want to hire graduates with a good understanding of business strategy, financial metrics, and industry trends.