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At Prime we specialise in placing graduates/trainees into their perfect sales and recruitment roles. We’re good at it too, and the reason why we have a market leading 90% success rate.

Are you a graduate or trainee currently looking for a career? Well you’ve come to the right place. Prime are not your traditional recruitment agency. We understand the stereotypical pitfalls that come with a recruitment company. That’s why our process has been tailored to avoid them, ensuring you won’t leave our process empty handed. We don’t just find you a job, we get to know you first, match you with your perfect role as well as giving you sales training from industry experts; interview preparation and support throughout your first 12 months in your new career. All completely free too.

Sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t! It’s also the reason we have a market leading 90% success rate. That means when Prime candidates start their new careers, they stay there, and they’re successful.

Prime currently represent some of the biggest, best known and up and coming companies in the UK, all of whom are currently recruiting for graduates and trainees for their sales and recruitment teams.

  • Stage 1: Source

    Stage 1: Source

    It all must start somewhere and for us it starts with a simple phone call.
    We normally get our candidates through referrals, university links and job boards, but we’re so busy we can’t find everyone. Luckily you can grab our attention easily by submitting your CV online and it won’t be long before a member of the team will be in touch. From there you’ll receive a call and we’ll have a quick chat about yourself and what you want from a career. We’ll also give you more information on us as a company, our process and our free sales training. If it all goes well, we will invite you in for a face to face meeting to get to know you even more.

  • Stage 2: Face2Face

    Stage 2: Face2Face

    From the phone call you’ll be invited to meet a member of the team at either our Manchester or London office, depending on where you are located. In no way is this a job interview. The member of the team you meet will be your guardian angel throughout this process (don’t worry we’re all nice people). This chat is very informal, it’s just so we can get to know you a bit better and really get to the bottom of what you want out of your career. Then if all goes well, we’ll invite you to one of our free Prime Training Days.

  • Stage 3: Training Day

    Stage 3: Training Day

    The training day is our USP and is what makes the Prime process so unique. Different to ‘assessment days’, the Prime training day is where you learn the skills needed to thrive in a sales and recruitment role. These sessions are taken by our co-founders Apprentice 2013 finalist Neil Clough and BESMA 2018 sales trainer of the year finalist Nicole Plinston, so you’re in the safest of hands. We believe that developing talent is the key to sales success.

    Our Prime Zone training days are simply win-win. We get to spot the top talent; you get to enhance your skill set; you also get to showcase your talent to our clients who are in attendance and looking to recruit. The days are always group based and provide you with expert training that’s specific to the roles you are looking for.
    Many of our clients recruit straight from the training day, others may invite you to interview. Yes, it’s that simple. As well as the clients at the day, those who make it into the Prime Zone can also be sent out to interview with other clients ,if we (and you) find you’re more suited for the roles they offer instead. And if you don’t make it into the Prime Zone at the day, don’t worry! If we feel you still have what it takes to make it in sales, we’ll invite you back for further training. So worst case scenario you receive free sales training which can be added to your CV along with honest feedback on where to improve. Best case scenario you walk away with free sales training and up to four job interviews with companies tailored to your wants, needs and skill set. It’s simply win-win.

  • Stage 4: Interview Preparation/Training Placement

    Stage 4: Interview Preparation/Training Placement

    The training doesn’t stop at the training day. If successful we will invite you back in for interview preparation and to help you nail your interviews and land that dream role. This is also your opportunity to learn more about the roles and companies you’re interviewing with. Next, we send you to interview. Now this bit is all in your hands but by this point you’ve had free sales training, interview preparation and you’ve been matched with a client and role that’s tailored to you, giving you the best chance of success. Remember our 85% success rate.

  • Stage 5: Ongoing training/support

    Stage 5: Ongoing training/support

    Starting a new career can be daunting, even when you’ve come through our process. But just because we’ve placed you doesn’t mean we leave you on your own, as we offer additional sales training over your 1st year of employment for a number of our clients. To add to this your consultant will keep in touch and be on hand should you need any further support throughout. This way you can begin your new career relaxed, and with the skills needed to succeed. Getting a job has never been less stressful. Our training and support will help you reach your full potential.