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At Prime, we look at recruitment differently. That’s why we offer a unique alternative to traditional recruitment agencies. We take you on the full journey from application through to placement, and then support your career success with our market leading sales training programmes. We don’t just find you a job. We match you to your perfect role and help you build the sales skills you need to succeed.

Our industry leading sales training will support you in your first 12 months, and give you the foundation for your career to ensure that you are successful.

If you’re looking for a career in recruitment or sales that is lucrative, fast-paced and packed with rewards, we can provide the answer. Prime will give you access to some of the leading companies within the UK.


  • Candidate


    First things first. You submit your CV to us, or we find you in our search.

    Next step is to have a chat and find out more about you, your aspirations and what it is you’re looking for. If we get along, you’ll be invited to our sales training day where we get to see your skills and potential. Those that make it into the Prime Zone are introduced to our clients. If you demonstrate great sales potential but don’t quite make the Prime Zone, we’ll invite you back for further training. This way we can develop your skills until you are ready for a dream role with one of our clients.

  • Training Day

    Training Day

    We believe that developing talent is the key to sales success.

    Our Prime Zone training days are simply win-win. We get to spot the top talent; you get to enhance your skill set; you also get to showcase your talent to our clients who are in attendance and looking to recruit. The days are always group based, and provide you with expert training that’s specific to the roles you are looking for.

    Many of our clients recruit straight from the training day, others may invite you to interview.

  • Placement


    So you’ve been cherry picked by one of our clients and you’ve accepted their offer, what happens next? Well it’s time to kick off your expert sales training, and give you a flying start to your new career.

  • Review/Training


    Sales and Recruitment are industries known for high attrition, but at Prime we know it doesn't have to be this way. We provide you with market leading, role specific, sales training and development. Following on from the initial Prime Zone training day, we offer you a further 7 days training during your first year with our client’s company. The development journey begins with a 3 day induction, bespoke to the role you’ve been recruited for, so that you join their business ready for action.