Sales Resourcer

Anna Pankiw


Anna is another new addition to the Manchester office here at Prime. As part of a dynamic duo of new Sales Resourcers, she’ll be looking to source top talent and place them into sales and recruitment roles around Manchester.

Anna took part in competitive stunt cheerleading (emphasis on COMPETITIVE) at the University of Sheffield whilst completing a degree in Psychology. When not being tossed around and violently punching the air, Anna can be found enjoying R&B tunes and a drink or two with her friends. Anna is also a massive FOODIE and makes the wild claim that there isn’t a food out there that she doen’t like, we’ll definitely have to put that to the test…



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What’s your favourite song?

Ashanti - Always on Time

What’s your favourite film?

Kill Bill

What’s your worst fear?


Describe yourself in one word?


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