We transform performance.


If you’re not looking to recruit, but you are looking to train your current sales teams, you’ve come to the right place. We offer both generic and bespoke sales training courses to suit our clients’ needs. As well as 30 years combined sales experience we have trained sales people for over 20 years. We know what great salespeople look like, so we work with your team to enhance their skills and achieve sales growth.

As sales sits at the core of any business, we know how critical it is to have the Prime sales talent in place. To improve business performance, you have to get more from your salespeople. When they become more successful, your company does too.

Our priority is to have a lasting impact on your people and your business. We transform the performance of your salespeople by enhancing their skills and taking them into the Prime Zone. This is our unique competency system and how we judge the improvements made across each individual we train. Our success is judged on the return of investment you see.


Many businesses look for ways to upskill their sales teams and individuals. Our generic offering gives the flexibility to choose the right Prime sales training programme that’s most valuable to your business, and have it delivered by one of the UK’s leading sales trainers. The workshops have all been designed and written by Prime to appeal to any business looking to improve sales performance.


At Prime we realise that every business may have unique training and development requirements so we offer bespoke training courses to suit your individual needs. We first gain a full understanding of your products and services, and the unique aspects that shape your sales strategy. We also look at your competitors and market trends. Then we design your bespoke sales training course to reflect those areas most important to you and your organisation.

Coaching & Mentoring

We offer combined coaching and mentoring programmes that are tailored to your business needs. The duration and nature of our work will depend on your current performance, your growth plans and your immediate objectives. This is a service perfect for start-ups and SMEs looking to grow.

Our Prime programmes always start with a free, no obligation, fact-finding consultation designed for us to learn more about your business and discuss your sales objectives.

The programme will then be structured using our unique Prime Solution approach, which will drive and deliver sales improvement throughout your organisation.