Market leading 90% success rate with all candidates placed.

Why Prime?

Put simply, we recruit and train the best graduate and trainee salespeople. As sales sits at the core of any business, we know how critical it is to have the Prime sales talent in place, but we also know how common attrition is. So we not only find you the best talent, but we also give them the skills we know they need to succeed. 

At Prime we’re committed to changing the perception of sales. It’s why we are a market leader in graduate sales recruitment. We have combined both our sales and training expertise to create a process that removes the risk of recruitment. Having recently been crowned Sales Training Provider of the Year for 2019, the training we provide through our Prime Process prepares our candidates for their ideal sales environment and has them ready to succeed in their roles.

Our unique approach to recruitment has allowed us to achieve a market leading retention rate. 90% of all candidates we’ve placed since launching back in 2014 have been successful thanks to our unique Prime process.

  • Telephone Interview

    Telephone Interview

    Firstly, we seek out and attract candidates through many sources such as job boards, referrals and our university links. Then a member of our team will telephone interview all potential candidates to get to know them, run through their education, employment history and why they want a career in Sales or Recruitment. We also run through our process, and if successful in passing the telephone interview we invite them in for a for a face to face meeting.

  • Face2Face Interview

    Face2Face Interview

    The Face2Face Interview is where we have a much more detailed discussion with candidates and find out more about their drivers, motivations and experiences. This means as a client you won’t just be thrown a random selection of candidates. All candidates you meet through Prime will have passed both a telephone and face to face interview – we believe in quality and that’s why we have a market leading success rate.

    From here the candidates that pass the face to face interview get invited to one of our Prime Zone Training Days. This is where clients get to see the best of the best and observe them in action.

  • Training Day

    Training Day

    The Prime Training Day is our USP. It is where we take the best of the best and make them even better.
    The days are always group based, and provide candidates with expert sales training which is specific to the roles they are being recruited for.
    Clients are also invited along to observe, and can select their Prime Talent straight away.
    If you attend a Prime Training Day you benefit from being able to cherry pick who you want to interview, based on the candidates’ performances throughout the training. You also get to interview the candidates first, and in a competitive market this can be the difference in hiring the Prime talent before anyone else.
    Our Training days are free to attend and you have no obligation to hire. We just ask that you act with urgency on the candidates you select as they will be hot property.
    As well as our generic training days, we also offer an exclusive training day package - this option works great for multiple hires. The benefits of exclusive training days are that the candidates are sourced solely for your specific job brief and you gain exclusivity over the candidates that attend the session (for an agreed time period).

  • Placement


    So far, we’ve found you the best talent, given them free sales training bespoke to the role they’ve been recruited for and given you the option to have a first hand look at our candidates. So what’s next? Well, it’s time for us to give your new talent all the information they need to know before going into an interview. Then we send them to you so you can make your final decision.
    Once accepted, the start date can be arranged through us - but don’t forget at Prime we recruit, we train, and we guarantee, which means our process doesn’t stop there.

  • Review / Training

    Review / Training

    There’s a reason we have an 90% retention rate - it’s because we do all we can to ensure the perfect candidate meets the perfect client, so when they start their new role, they stay there. We provide all our clients with a complete sales recruitment solution that means supporting all candidates throughout their first year of employment.
    Prime provides two options; the first option is recruitment only where our clients take control of the training after hiring the candidates. The second option is where we provide ongoing training throughout the candidate’s first year of employment. You can decide on which option suits you best upon hiring.