We cherry pick the best, then make them even better.


Training Day

Why Prime?

At Prime, we look at sales recruitment differently. That’s why we offer a unique alternative to the traditional recruitment to recruitment and sales recruitment agencies.

With over 30 years’ combined sales experience, we know what great salespeople and great recruiters look like, how to find them and how to recruit them. We also know how to train them to achieve their potential.

Our focus is on spotting Prime talent. Those we find get invited to one of our Prime Zone training days where we get to see them in action, seek out the sales potential and build on it.

What we do.

Put simply, we recruit and train the best salespeople and recruitment consultants for our clients across all industry sectors. As sales sits at the core of any business, we know how critical it is to have the Prime sales talent in place but we also know how common attrition is. So we not only find you the best talent, but we also give them the skills we know they need to succeed.

At Prime we challenge convention by combining both our sales and training expertise with what we do best, to deliver a complete sales recruitment solution. To make it even better, we remove the risk from recruitment too by working closely with our clients to guarantee our candidates are successful in their business, supporting their development through the first year of employment.

  • Candidate


    We seek out, attract, telephone interview, and then meet all of our prospective candidates. We invite them to one of our sales training days where we can evaluate the skills and potential of each and every candidate, using our unique Prime Zone competency system.

    Those that make it into the Prime Zone are introduced to our clients. Any candidates that demonstrate great sales potential but don’t quite make the Prime Zone are invited back for further training. This way we can develop them until they are ready for a role with you.

  • Training Day

    Training Day

    We believe that developing talent is the key to sales success.

    Our Prime Zone training days are simply win-win. We get to spot the top talent; our candidates get to enhance their skill set; you get presented with the best of the best.

    The days are always group based, and provide candidates with expert training that’s specific to the roles they are being recruited for.

    Clients are also invited along to observe, and can select their Prime Talent straight away.

    If you can’t make along it don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the Talent. We will be sure to let you know about all the successful Prime Zone candidates from the day.

  • Placement


    So you’ve cherry picked your sales talent, they’ve accepted your offer, what happens next? Well it’s time for us to give your new talent, all of the sales skills they need to succeed. Don't forget, we recruit, we train AND we guarantee.

  • Review / Training

    Review / Training

    Sales and Recruitment are industries known for high attrition, but at Prime we know it doesn't have to be this way. We provide all clients with a complete sales recruitment solution, offering market leading sales training and development. Following on from the initial Prime Zone training day, we offer a further 7 days training for all placed candidates during their first year with your company. The development journey begins with a 3 day induction, bespoke to the role they’ve been recruited for, so that they join your business ready for action.