How To Hire & Get Hired Right Now

“How to hire and get hired right now”

Neil Clough is discussing those questions with 2 of the UK’s most successful Recruitment leaders. So if you’re currently hiring or looking to hire but are unsure about the timing/strength of the market, or if you are a candidate looking for a new role and want to stand out from the crowd, then this webinar is for you.

Covering –
– What is the job market currently looking like?
– When should businesses look at starting to hire again?
– How can you attract the best talent for your company?
– What can candidates do to stand out from the crowd?
– What does the future hold for the Recruitment sector?

Guest Speakers –
John Gaughan – Co-owner & CEO @ Finlay James
Robert Hanna – Founder & Managing Director @ Kissoon Carr