Zandra Moore – Becoming a CEO in SaaS, Whilst Tackling the Gender Agenda

Did you know only 1% of capital funding is awarded to women business owners in the UK, and only 0.1% is based in Leeds?! Well, Zandra Moore is on a mission to change that!

Zandra Moore is the Co-Founder & CEO of Panintelligence, an embedded data analytics platform for businesses working within SaaS, and the founder of No Code Lab and the gender equality network Lean In Leeds, a community of professional women empowering each other to achieve their ambitions. A perfect guest to have on the podcast to help change the perception of sales!


  • Her story into the world of sales.
  • The role models that have helped Zandra become who she is today.
  • Why she didn’t “just fall into sales” but instead chose to pursue it.
  • The journey to building one of the biggest networks for gender equality in the UK.
  • How she made her Dyslexia a superpower.