Tom Lavery – How to Build Your Own SaaS Company

Tom Lavery is the Co-Founder & CEO at Jiminny, a product that not only attracts, supports and retains top talent but empowers them to fulfil their potential! Tom started his sales career at 18 but progressed to management in his early 20s, occupied a board-level position by 25 and now runs a successful business that recently acquired $16.5m in Series A funding!


    • Unpacking Tom’s journey in sales to becoming a SVP and then creating his own business, Jiminny.
    • What is required to start your own business and the sacrifices you must make to succeed.
    • What it’s like to be a Co-founder & CEO within the tech community.
    • The importance and how to create a coaching culture.
    • Why grit and determination will always be the number reason that people succeed.