Sarah Brazier – The Maternity Maze: Navigating Discrimination in the Workplace

In this episode, Kyle is joined by Sarah Brazier, Co-Founder at Dimmo.AI. We delve into her viral LinkedIn post highlighting discrimination surrounding maternity policies. Sarah shares her personal journey, exploring the reasons behind such discrimination and potential solutions for fostering inclusivity in the workplace. Her post sparked a massive discussion and brought to light the challenges many women face in the corporate space. But, these hurdles only become more challenging when planning for or managing maternity leave. Sarah emphasises the need for organisations to re-evaluate their maternity policies and cultivate a culture that supports and values their employees’ life choices.

Beyond this crucial issue, Sarah offers valuable insights into her unique career path, transitioning from an actress to becoming a top Sales Development Representative (SDR). She provides practical tips on effective cold-calling, drawing from her own experiences in the field. Her advice is particularly useful for those new to sales or looking to refine their techniques. Sarah’s acting background gave her a unique edge in sales, where understanding human behavior and effective communication are key. Her story is a testament to how diverse experiences can enrich one’s professional life and lead to unexpected yet rewarding career shifts.

In addition to her tips on cold-calling, Sarah discusses the future of the SDR role in the evolving sales industry. With advancements in technology and changing buyer behaviors, the role of SDRs is continually adapting. Sarah shares her thoughts on the skills and strategies that will be essential for SDRs moving forward, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in staying relevant and effective in the industry.

This enlightening discussion on sales, inclusivity, and personal growth showcases how embracing change can lead to remarkable opportunities. Sarah’s experiences and insights serve as a powerful reminder that career paths are often non-linear. With resilience and openness to change, professionals can navigate and thrive amidst evolving industry landscapes.

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