Michaela Wain – BBC Apprentice Finalist – Life Before & After

Michaela Wain, Managing Director and Founder of Design & Build, an award-winning national online and hard copy construction magazine, joins us for another fantastic podcast episode! Michaela began in construction sales before launching her own businesses. She aims to educate and encourage more women to enter the construction industry and show young women that it can be a successful career path.

Our discussion with Michaela delves into her journey from construction sales to entrepreneurship, a path that was not without its challenges. As a woman in a male-dominated field, she faced numerous obstacles, but her determination and resilience led her to where she is today. Her mission to empower women in construction is not just a goal, but a necessity in a world that needs more diversity and inclusivity. We also explore why women should be open about pursuing financial success and, of course, her experience as a finalist in BBC’s The Apprentice.

This raw and candid episode provides insights into changing perceptions of women in sales and construction.