James Ski – How To Build Sales Confidence

Get ready for an insightful conversation with James Ski, CEO & Founder of Sales Confidence, on The Changing the Perception of Sales Podcast Series. James brings a wealth of experience as one of the most successful salespeople at LinkedIn, where he played a pivotal role in the company’s explosive growth. He is now the founder of a community that drives salespeople to take their careers to the next level!

Sales Confidence has evolved into a transformative learning and development platform, offering a subscription-based membership that focuses on enhancing skills and cultivating a positive mindset. It serves as a beacon of personal growth, guiding individuals to unlock their full potential through a holistic approach combining practical knowledge and mindset training.

In this episode, James shares his journey and insights on:

    • His early pursuit of a sales career and his initial perspective of the industry
    • Strategies for training yourself to be likeable and effective in sales
    • Leveraging LinkedIn for sales success and growing a social media presence
    • The role of content creation for salespeople in the modern era
    • The story behind Sales Confidence and its impact on the sales community
    • Living with Bipolar and turning it into a superpower
    • Exploring the potential of TikTok as a game-changing platform for salespeople
    • How to change the perception of sales and make it a career of choice for the next generation