Anna Bella – PIP to Director in Five Years

In this insightful episode of the “Changing the Perception of Sales” podcast series, Anna Bella, Director of Sales Development, joins us to share her unique perspectives and experiences that have shaped her career journey.

Get ready to dive into a captivating discussion that explores:

• New country, new language – Anna’s challenges and triumphs of navigating a new country without knowing the language.
• Discovering Her Calling in Leadership
• Coaching Success Plans instead of PIPS – Anna’s fresh approach to redefining traditional performance plans as “coaching success plans.
• Hiring Right – How making the right hire directly reflects your leadership style and values.
• Top SDR Mistakes – Offering valuable lessons for those aspiring to advance their careers in sales.
• Building an Environment of Goal Orientation
• Video Prospecting vs Cold Call
• Going to University as a Mature Student

And so much more!

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on sales development, leadership, and personal growth from the remarkable Anna Bella.