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Prime Runnings

25th March 2020

As of Monday 23rd March, the UK government has decided to take similar measures to their European counterparts and enter a nationwide lockdown. This means under no circumstances should people be out and about, having a swift one down the local or asking their God for forgiveness at their place of worship. The only exceptions to the lockdown ruling are as follows:

  • To buy essentials such as food and medicine.
  • To attend work, only if absolutely necessary and work cannot be completed from home.
  • For a medical need, or to provide assistance or care to a vulnerable person.
  • For 1 form of exercise a day; be it running, walking, cycling.

Working from home, especially on your own, is sure to drum up some frustration as cabin fever sets in (especially for us Purple’s ay Neil). That’s why we’re encouraging you all to get involved in ‘Prime Runnings’.

The premise is simple; go for a run.

Now we appreciate this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we do want everyone involved. So, to encourage participation from everyone to be a part of Prime Runnings all we want is to see you’ve utilised your outdoor hour (or so) by sending in a picture of your view during the time spent sampling that freshest of air. This could be a picture of you:

  • On a run
  • On a Walk
  • Cycling
  • Hopping
  • Skipping

It doesn’t matter! As long as it’s an activity where you’re covering some distance and being active, whilst enjoying what could be the last few days you’re allowed outside, for a while anyway!

We think this is an important initiative to back. In the current climate, people are uncertain, anxious and being stuck in your bedroom day in day out means there’s little escape from the daunting reality. That’s why we believe it is imperative to encourage people to make the most of their opportunity to be active and release some endorphins in the window they have for being outside! (whilst of course observing the social distancing policy and with no more than 1 other person)

The physical benefits of exercise are apparent to most of us, from losing weight to increasing muscle mass and endurance. However, at a time like this, the mental health benefits of being active are paramount. From simple things such as improving your current mood, to in depth research studies evidencing how exercise can reduce the risk of major depression by 26%; it is something we should all get behind. Furthermore, Prime Runnings allows us to remain together and stay connected in this time of isolation.

We’ll be using the RunKeeper app to log activity – download here

Then give us a shout to join the group – the only commitment required to be a part of our community is to go for a run/walk EVERYDAY!

So, a reminder to all to get involved, to stay positive and stay safe out there.

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