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Mad About Grads: reasons you should hire graduates for your business

19th March 2019

‘Experience required.’ The two words no graduate on the job hunt wants to read. Here at Prime we invest time into the development of young talent as we believe graduates are as capable, if not more so, than a handful of candidates with ‘experience’. Our process reflects this as the ‘Prime Training Day’ is centered around giving all our candidates the skills needed to thrive in a sales role and then allows them to showcase their abilities while they learn those skills. Many of these graduates go on to thrive in the various sales and recruitment roles we place them in… Why? Because age and experience doesn’t matter when you have talent.

Hiring a graduate may seem like a leap of faith but pick the right grad and it could be one of the most beneficial hires you ever make. Both our offices are full of them: Cecile, Martin, Mike, Jamie, Lucy are all recent new starters at Prime and all are absolutely smashing it at the moment. Having an office full of grads also means you can guarantee that when it comes to graduate recruitment, we know what we’re talking about.


Mouldable talent / Opportunities for progression

While previous knowledge on an industry may seem desirable as it means less explaining and more getting straight to work, when you really think about it this can cause as many problems as it does solutions. Grads are keen to learn and are mouldable to your company, which means when you invest in them you get it back in multiples, and in a way that matches the style of your business. A great example of this is Prime’s “chosen one” Kyle Gallagher who back in 2014 was Prime’s first ever employee and a graduate straight out of Sheffield Hallam university. Working under Neil and Nicole and learning from their training and experience, Kyle has since progressed to a Team Manager at Prime, becoming a well-respected member of the team and is also the 3rd most senior employee in the company, clearly demonstrating how investing into a graduate can truly pay off. Think of a graduate as a “blank canvas” that you can mould. They won’t have any prior knowledge that needs to be unlearnt meaning you can make them into the employee that your company needs.


This may seem like a bit of a soulless reason, but it’s a big argument for grads. Why would you pay someone with salary expectations that are potentially above their worth when you could pay a grad significantly less? They won’t just accept the salary, they’ll be grateful for the opportunity. All it takes is a bit of time and training and it won’t take long before your grad is billing and making money like anyone else in the company.

Keen to impress

Now it would be wrong to say a graduate will work harder than any other member of staff, however it’s safe to assume that any graduate you employee will be eager to impress thus meaning they will work hard. Fresh out of university, graduates are looking to prove that they have what it takes to function in a work environment. They’re also looking to find a career they will love, to help them adjust to the working lifestyle. That means if you give a graduate an opportunity they love, it will more than likely be reflected in their work ethic.

Easier to manage

Coming straight from university, many graduates will have had very few full-time jobs before. This means they’re not going to be in any comfort zones and won’t be looking to step on any toes. They will also be eager to learn and keen to impress. As an employer this can be a massive benefit as a graduate can often be easier to m

anage and you won’t have to worry about them getting involved in any form of office politics in the early days.

Current knowledge

You’d struggle to find any graduate fresh out of any University that won’t have up to date knowledge on current technology, trends and the industry their degree relates too. This can be a massive benefit for a company as a graduate can bring a fresh outlook. This may mean they could bring new innovative ideas to your business, perhaps make you aware of a programme, service or piece of technology you otherwise wouldn’t be aware of. Our Digital Marketer Jon is our equivalent to this as although he isn’t a graduate (yet!), he is our first student placement and Digital Marketer, currently in his 3rd year doing a degree in Media at Sheffield Hallam University (we don’t know where they get all these amazing students from). Jon runs our social media; the This is Prime website; creates video content; manages our sponsorship with MMU and does various other job here and there. His knowledge on technology also means he can use Adobe Creative Cloud Programmes like Premier Pro and Photoshop which again allows us to use technology that if we hadn’t employed a younger member of staff like him, we would probably never use.

Finding the right graduate doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems

The great news is, if you’re willing to look into the graduate market you’re already in the best place to do so. Prime currently have some of the best sales and recruitment talent in Manchester and London, all of whom are trained at one of our unique training days, bespoke to the roles our clients are recruiting for. On top of this we invite clients to all our Training Days and allow them to pick out the candidates that they feel have performed the best. This means a lack of experience really doesn’t need to be an issue when you recruit through Prime.

To book onto one of our Prime Training Days, please get in touch through the website or contact a member of the team on LinkedIn. Look out for the qualities we mentioned in this article and we guarantee you’ll be just as mad about grads as we are.

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