Prime Position

Dale’s Say: Career Graduation

4th June 2018

With graduation just around the corner for students, our focus at the moment is to get our name and unique offering out there. At Prime we are changing the perception of sales and helping graduates realise that a career in sales should be top of their list after University. When I graduated, I had no idea what career path to follow, but I knew that I wanted success, progression and money – three things that a career in recruitment or sales can offer.

There is still a lot more to do to get sales and recruitment to become one of the main career choices for students to consider, and that’s something we’re prepared to do at Prime by doing things differently to our competition. We invest genuine time in finding out everything about our candidates so that we can match them to the right business, and not just any business. Furthermore, we train all of the candidates that we represent, and so we give them the basic skills they need to succeed in a sales role.

Being the fourth member of Team Prime, I decided to join the business because of the opportunities it presented me with. The work is financially rewarding and the atmosphere is like no other. A few weeks ago, we celebrated a successful month at Chester Races, which saw Neil come close to pushing the business into administration with his terrible gambling and excessive tequila-shot-drinking!

We are always looking towards the future and recently welcomed our fifth addition to the team. Liam Taggart graduated a couple of years back and will be focusing on the sales side of the business. We have also just hosted our latest training day with over 50% of the candidates that attended currently out interviewing at some of our clients.

We are always committed to getting the best out of potential salespeople, as it benefits both parties. We provide sales skills to trainee candidates, which makes them more likely to succeed in a sales business, and our business grows as result of doing so.

It has been a busy and successful start to the summer and we have some great stuff to look forward to over the rest of the year. Keep an eye out for our pink banners at the grad fairs!