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Primes Nicole Plinston BESMA 2018 Finalist

21st August 2018

It’s an exciting time at Prime as our very own Nicole Plinston has been nominated as a finalist for External Sales Training Provider of the Year in the BESMA 2018 awards, for the second year in a row.

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A level results day: What are the five most rewarding things about a career in Sales/Recruitment?

16th August 2018

A level results day is potentially the biggest emotional rollercoaster you can put yourself through without risking your life or being a contestant on The Chase, fact.

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Student Placement at Prime: My First Week

14th August 2018

Five months ago I was a Media student at Sheffield Hallam university: heavy nights out, a booming social life and flexible working hours were the norm. Now I’m on a 10 month placement as a Digital Marketing Executive at This Is Prime. How did this happen? How has my life changed? What is Prime like as a company? Well it’s been one week and here’s what I’ve learnt so far…

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Is Recruitment Sales?

5th July 2018

I recently attended a sales industry awards judging day as a nominee. It was an interesting experience, but what has stuck with me most from the process is the perception that recruitment isn’t sales. Having worked in both recruitment and sales throughout my career I’d like to think I’m relatively well placed to express my […]

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Prime tips for interviews

29th June 2018

We know better than anyone how hard it can be for graduates to get a job, especially in recruitment. Nowadays, it is difficult to even get an interview, so it is important to absolutely nail it when you get one. Here at Prime, we can help you do just that. The rules we live by […]

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Dale’s Say: Career Graduation

4th June 2018

With graduation just around the corner for students, our focus at the moment is to get our name and unique offering out there. At Prime we are changing the perception of sales and helping graduates realise that a career in sales should be top of their list after University. When I graduated, I had no […]

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We’re recruiting

5th May 2018

EXCITING TIMES AT PRIME…. Established 3 years ago, we have become one of the market leaders in the graduate / trainee rec2rec and sales markets in Manchester, and this year we launched our London office to do the same in the capital. We’re now looking to add 4 new members to the team. The first […]

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Rome wasn’t built in a day

2nd October 2017

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will Prime be… What are we looking for? We’re growing fast as a business, and as a result we need  another person to join us as we launch our London office. You will use your array of skills to attract, build and maintain great relationships, and find […]

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Prime’s First Year in Recruitment

21st March 2016

2015 was a great year for Prime. It has to be said that we are over the moon with the success the business has had since it began near the end of October 2014. Prime has truly thrived this year. With our total number of staff tripling, we are seeing great progress, especially within the space […]

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Nicole Plinston blog business

21st April 2015

You heard from Neil about the launch of our business so I thought I’d update you on how Prime has progressed since. Well, we’ve hit our six month mark, and, following the company’s success with our unique training days, we are looking to expand our team further. Our distinctive take on sales recruitment is making […]

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