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Mad About Grads: Reasons You Should Hire Graduates For Your Business

19th March 2019

‘Experience required.’ The two words no graduate on the job hunt wants to read. Here at Prime we invest time into the development of young talent as we believe graduates are as capable, if not more so, than a handful of candidates with ‘experience’. Our process reflects this as the ‘Prime Training Day’ is centered around giving all our candidates the skills needed to thrive in a sales role and then allows them to showcase their abilities while they learn those skills. Many of these graduates go on to thrive in the various sales and recruitment roles we place them in… Why? Because age and experience doesn’t matter when you have talent.

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Singles Pringles: How To Entertain Your Single Self On Valentines Day

13th February 2019

Ah Valentine’s Day, the marmite of holidays! A chance to show your true love how much you really care, or a chance for retailers to use your relationship to fill their pockets? If we’re being honest, it’s probably both. Still, the writer of this article happens to be a fan of Valentine’s Day, because whether single or in a relationship it’s a great opportunity to fill your face full of food and get drunk. Even though some talented souls manage it, with recruitment often meaning long hours and a lot of out of office work, it can be hard to find and maintain a relationship alongside the job. Still, everyone finds ‘the one’ eventually so there’s no need to worry. The only issue now is how to entertain yourself on February 14th when all the couples are out living it large. Well at Prime we’re all about solutions not problems. With that being said, here’s some ways to entertain your single self on Valentine’s Day, all of which are going to make you glad you’re not out with those disgusting sappy couples.

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Dry January: The Pros and Cons

14th January 2019

If most recruiters were robots, alcohol would be their fuel. Okay that’s not necessarily true. You would be hard pressed to find a Sales Resourcer swigging a pint of Peroni whilst sourcing on the phone, but you can bet your entire month’s wage that when the second Friday hits you’ll find many recruiters down the pub. This month however, there is a change in the world of recruitment. With January being universally known as the most boring month of the year, to shake it up many people are testing themselves and attempting ‘Dry January’. Even Sam, Cecile and Mike in our Manchester office, and Martin in our London office, are all giving it a go. But do people stick to it? Are there any serious health benefits from it? Do people just simply slip back into old habits at the end of the month? And more importantly, is it a good idea?

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Primes Top 7 Christmas Songs

24th December 2018

Tis the season to be jolly and nothing makes you jollier than a good old sing a long with family and friends at Christmas time. There are many office debates around Christmas time: What’s everyone’s favourite thing about Christmas? Is Die Hard a Christmas film? Who ate the last mince pie? (It was Kyle btw). But one office debate that caused the most controversy this year at Prime was, “what is everyone’s favourite Christmas song?” As everyone has an opinion, we thought it was best to make a list! So here are Prime’s top Christmas songs:

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End of Year Review: Interviewing Neil Clough

27th November 2018

As Prime enters its 5th year, what better time to look back and see how the company has grown in 2018. From new staff members, to new offices opening and lots of exciting events such as charity fundraising at the business heavyweights, it’s been an incredible year.With all that’s gone on, I thought it would be a good time to pull the MD and co-founder of Prime Mr Neil Clough over for a review of the year, and to discuss Prime’s future moving forwards.

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Prime’s Halloween Horror Film Recommendations (For those recruiters working Nov 1st)

31st October 2018

Prime’s Halloween Horror Film Favourites. (For recruiters who will be in work Nov 1st.)Halloween is upon us, kids are out trick or treating, students are out partying in fancy dress and recruiters… well recruiters are out recruiting. I guess some things never change.

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5 Interview Tips for Graduates

27th September 2018

If you’re reading this, you’ve officially joined the job hunt. You’ve no doubt spent hours crafting the perfect CV, days looking for your dream job role and sent off a load of applications.You’ve just landed yourself an interview, and congratulations are definitely in order! You have won the first battle… but how will you win the war?

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Freshers week 2018: Most Common Fears Students Have About Graduating

21st September 2018

At 8:42am today I was happily sat on the bus to work when I turned to see 3 students walking down Oxford Road one in a dressing gown and the other two in fancy dress with what looked like marker pen written all over their clothes. It was then it hit me, FRESHERS’ WEEK is indeed upon us.

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The Best Target Hitting Incentives in Sales and Recruitment

14th September 2018

It’s often said that in sales and recruitment you will earn as much as you work, and no one knows that better than us at Prime. For example, with it being Friday we normally do our weekly wheel of fortune spin which gives the company’s ‘top performers of the week’ a chance to win a range of prices, anything from a Monday lie in, to a meal out with the boss, and even a tuna butty (no idea whose idea that was).

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11th September 2018

As we enter the last month of our 4th year we’re looking to continue with our rapid growth by adding 4 new members to the team.  We’re looking for 2 Sales Resourcers in Manchester and 2 Sales Resourcers in London. The roles are all about finding the best graduate/trainee sales talent for our clients.

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